About us

Our Mission

To create a worship experience that celebrates Christ and to fulfill the great commission with the great commandment.

Our Vision

A picture of the desired future, 1 John 4:17 (To model the message of truth in the world of darkness).

Our Core values

Our highest priority and deeply held belief and fundamental driving forces are;

  • God’s presence.

  • A deep reverence for God.            

  • The knowledge of God’s word.

  • People: No better way to strengthen the heart than to give it life and to reach down and lift people up.

  • Service: The duty we discharge as Christians unto another in the character of a servant.

  • Integrity: The will to live up to our promises and maintain our policies.

  • Excellence: We get the right job done well with precision and dynamism.​

The message

To reveal Christ. (Gal 1:15, 16).

Our Gain

To see lives transformed. (2 Cor 3:2-6)

The charge is to open men’s eyes, so that: 

  • They may turn from darkness to light.

  • They may turn from the power of Satan to God.

  • That they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among them that are sanctified by faith in Christ.  (Acts 28:18)

Our Strategy

Discipleship Making Movement (D.M.M.)​

  •   Being a disciple

  •   Prayer

  •   Engage the  lost 

  •   Finding a person of peace

  •   Discovery groups

  •   Establish churches

  •   Leadership

  •   Mentoring

Who are we?

Oak House Church is a vision that seeks to live as a city set on a hill and making a grand difference in our world by being a message of truth in a world of darkness, a guiding hand to the lost, and a call to repentance to the rebellious.

our pastors:
Fred Akpu

Lead Pastor

Oyiks Alfred Akpu

Director of Operations

Akindele Afolabi.jpeg
Akindele Afolabi

Head Pastor Indigenous Church

Yakubu Wuyep

Head Pastor Men's Ministry

Barrista John Ndubuisi.jpeg
Barr. John Ndubuisi

Head Pastor Consolidation

Uzo unwurah.jpeg
Uzo Onwurah

Pastor Evangelism (Oak Reach)